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Simplicity 8454 DIY Flounce Tops

Happy Monday!

Let’s start this week off right with a 2 for 1 post! I made 2 DIY flounce tops from one pattern Simplicity 8454, and planned on making a third. I’ll get into why I’m glad I didn’t get to the third, but first let’s talk about the ones I did make.

This pattern comes with 4 views. I made views A & C with plans to also make View B. I am in desperate need of new clothes post-pregnancy as I converted a lot of my existing clothes to fit my growing bump. I noticed what I was lacking most were tops so I decided to go for it and just cut out two of one pattern and sew both of them up rather quickly.

A few hours of narrow hemming later (maybe a few curse words) & I had my tops!

View C is short sleeve and the sleeve is flouncey (it’s not a word, but we’ll pretend it is). I chose a medium weight rayon print that I picked up at Michael Levine’s earlier this year. I also decided to add piping to the neckline and front yoke to break up the pattern versus spending lots of time trying to pattern match. Laziness for the win!

View A is a long sleeve top with lots of ruffle goodness. I didn’t get pictures wearing this one. I will also add that this top creates an odd shimmy effect. I walked around work shimmy-ing ALL day. Ha! For this one I used a rayon challis from It’s super lightweight and the print has grown on me.

Here’s the reason I’m glad I didn’t go for View B. It is very similar to View A, and when I wore View A for an extended period of time I realized how annoying the arm seams were. There is a seam where the arm ruffle is, and I swear I stopped in my tracks about 6 times to pull up my bra straps only to realize that my bra hadn’t slipped, the seam was just in a weird spot! So while I will probably wear the top through the fall/winter I definitely won’t be making another of this view.

Have a great week everyone! I’m trying to plan some holiday looks. We’ll see how far I get on that lol. Luckily, my company does one holiday party in January so I’ve got some time!

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